This is a bit off topic but I love the Dropcam, I have a couple of them and have them setup at home at my office building. I really wanted to put one on the roof at work so this video is showing how I managed to do that.

I started with the plans I found online here: and then I added the GoPro mount, lens filter and hood to seal the unit to be out directly in the elements. At the end of the video you will see the view through the camera. I will post periodic updates; it has now been on the roof for 3 weeks and through some pretty hard rain and is going strong. Temp outside right now is 17 degrees Fahrenheit and its running just fine.

Only issue I’ve had so far is when it is raining real hard the view is obstructed but it does clear up when the rain stops and the water dries off the lens filter. Stay tuned, I plan to post an update with some shots from the camera once we get some snow and the temps drop a bit further.
Here is a supply list showing some of the things I used to make this: