Photographs taken either from the air or ground level.

A New Drone

It is incredible how quickly technology keeps changing! I started back in 2014 with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision, it was an incredible machine and the integrated camera was revolutionary but the gimbal left much to be desired. Then came the Phantom 2 Vision+, this had a much improved gimbal which I quickly upgraded to, [...]

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Rouche De Boeuf – 2014 vs 2017

I didn't plan on putting together this quick "then & now" video until I returned home from my quick stop at Rouche de Boeuf a couple weeks ago.  It is interesting to see a large section of the North East side of the bridge has collapsed since the 2014 video was recorded.  Click through for [...]

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Instagram Love

It was an honor to have a video I made featured across Instagram's social media accounts.  I had the Sony A7Rii mounted on a Ronin-M using the 16-35mm f/4 lens with a Tiffin variable ND filter.   I left my Macbook in my office this weekend so I edited it on an iPad so couldn't [...]

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It has been a busy summer!

Finally got the new website up and running (mostly). It has been a busy summer, I spent most of last summer shooting like crazy whereas this summer I worked on a major equipment change. I sold all of my Canon and Samsung bodies, lenses, flashes, etc... and moved to a Sony Full-Frame kit with native [...]

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Historic Downtown Perrysburg

I was invited to come photograph Historic Downtown Perrysburg during Winterfest 2015. This is always a fun event and the weather even warmed up a bit to make it a pleasant day of walking down Louisiana Avenue! Historic Downtown Perrysburg. @perrysburgwinterfest has been in full swing this weekend, always a fun event! #perrysburgwinterfest #igers_toledo A [...]

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The Schoonmaker

Spent some time tonight downtown on the east side of the river shooting some time lapses and long exposures. We have a beautiful city! The Schoonmaker looks especially cool at night in the frozen river. #igers_toledo #toledo A photo posted by Shawn-Exploring NW Ohio (@exploringnwo) on Jan 27, 2015 at 7:49pm PST

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Lunar Eclipse

I do not update this page as often as I should, be sure to follow me on Instagram and on Facebook for more frequent updates! I woke up at 5am this morning to shoot the lunar eclipse. Conditions were perfect, I setup the camera with 300mm lens attached, started the intervalometer taking photos every 3 [...]

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Old West End and The Toledo Museum of Art

I had the opportunity to capture aerial footage of the Toledo Museum of Art and the neighboring Old West End neighborhood. What beauty we have here! I will be periodically updating my Instagram Gallery and YouTube Channel with Photos and Video from the shoot. Be sure to follow both to keep up with the latest! [...]

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Beautiful Toledo, Ohio

Here's a quick photo of the Toledo skyline. What a beautiful city we have, and what perfect conditions for a quick aerial photo! Also thanks to Andrew Weber Photography for suggesting this spot for a quick flight!

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Looking for more up-to-date photos? I have an Instagram page if you haven't been there yet, check it out. It is updated much more regularly than this site and my YouTube page with quick photos from my recent flights. Check it out at or if you are using the app, just search for exploringnwo [...]

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