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I enjoy photography and things that fly, model aircraft have been a long-time hobby and now I've found a fun way to combine the two with a quadcopter. I created this page and YouTube channel to house the videos from the quadcopter, I mainly am interested in cool weather events and seeing other unique natural phenomena from a different viewpoint. I will update this page with videos as I get them so check back often!

Col James M. Schoonmaker and Great Lakes Museum

I had the privilege of meeting Neil Zurcher and his team in Toledo as they were taping an episode of "One Tank Trips" which airs on Fox 8 in Cleveland.  They were in town to see the new National Museum of the Great Lakes which is certainly worth checking out.  We also talked a bit [...]

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Beautiful Toledo, Ohio

Here's a quick photo of the Toledo skyline. What a beautiful city we have, and what perfect conditions for a quick aerial photo! Also thanks to Andrew Weber Photography for suggesting this spot for a quick flight!

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Looking for more up-to-date photos? I have an Instagram page if you haven't been there yet, check it out. It is updated much more regularly than this site and my YouTube page with quick photos from my recent flights. Check it out at www.instagram.com/exploringnwo or if you are using the app, just search for exploringnwo [...]

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Blue Grass Island in Maumee River

On Saturday morning I was out near Blue Grass Island between Sidecut and Buttonwood Parks in the Maumee River. The river is looking very good, clarity is great, water level is low and there were many anglers out there. I took a total of 4 videos from different altitudes. Here is a playlist which will [...]

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Glass City Marathon 2014

I had the privilege of taking some aerial photos and video of the 2014 Glass City Marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite waking up at 4:30am to get out there. I had secured a location at the Glass Bowl which was perfect, the sunrise was amazing and I had a great view of the [...]

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Rowing in the Maumee River

I had the opportunity to join the Toledo Metropolitan Rowing Club out in the Maumee River during one of their practices last week. I had a lot of fun! The quadcopter was flown from a boat in the Maumee River and we followed the rowing team around and got some pretty cool shots of them. [...]

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Last Weekend Was AWESOME!!

This past weekend was great for fishing on the Maumee River!  The Walleye Run crowds finally showed up and the weather couldn't be more perfect for fishing!  Here are a couple aerial videos shot on Saturday Morning.  The first is from Fort Meigs Access and the second is out towards Orleans Park.

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Update on Maumee River – Too High to Fish!

The Maumee River has been too high for the Walleye Run this weekend, I heard that it crested this afternoon and is dropping but they are calling for rain tomorrow so that will not help. I shot several videos along the river on Saturday, below is a playlist which will play them all. Included are [...]

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The 2014 Walleye Run Has Begun!

I went down to the Maumee River on Saturday to see if there was any activity yet.  There were quite a few anglers out there!  The below video was shot from the Fort Meigs Maumee River Access.  If the weather remains nice I'm sure the crowds will be here soon.  But as local Meterologist Ryan [...]

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SS Col. James M. Schoonmaker

This is the SS Col. James M. Schoonmaker, it is now a Museum ship located at the new National Museum of the Great Lakes which opens up at the end of April 2014. Here is a link to their website: www.inlandseas.org.  If you are in the Toledo area or passing through its definitely worth stopping [...]

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