It is incredible how quickly technology keeps changing! I started back in 2014 with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision, it was an incredible machine and the integrated camera was revolutionary but the gimbal left much to be desired. Then came the Phantom 2 Vision+, this had a much improved gimbal which I quickly upgraded to, I flew this for a couple years. Then 4k video became the trend, my other cameras shot 4k and it just made sense to get a drone that could as well so I upgraded to the Phantom 3 4k. It was much like the Phantom 2 Vision but was improved in many ways and could capture 4k video.

Fast forward to 2018, there’s all kinds of crazy ideas and technology out there. I just received my DJI Mavic Air and I love it. It can fit in a pocket or small bag and can do everything better than the Phantom could. It has obstacle avoidance sensors all over it, shoots beautiful video and has some very cool built-in image capturing modes. The biggest selling point for me was the size, gone are the days of hauling a large GoProfessional case around whenever I wanted to fly; its just so much simpler with the smaller drone!

That’s the latest, I’m sure you’ll be seeing much new content from me here in the coming months.